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Transformations by Nora M. Mulligan

"Entertaining.... Reading it is an adventure." Nora Mulligan "deserves to take her place as one of the best [in the horror genre]." (Leann "Buzzy" Arndt)
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The gripping tale of Sam Jackson, a young lawyer who gradually realizes that both the woman he thought he loved and his closest friend are not what they seem. Both of them have the power to change their shapes, and, in the case of Sam's friend, Arthur, that power is joined with an anger that leads to murderous violence. The final straw for Sam is his discovery that he has the same potential as Arthur does, and Sam must attempt to save his friend, and his own sanity.

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ISBN: 1-980889-08-9 * Length: 99,808 words, 200 pages

File Sizes: Word 782K * HTML 633K

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