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What do ferrets, mini-lops with switch blades, clueless humans, witches, aliens, and demons from another dimension all have in common? They're all in Sluggy Freelance!

If you've read the free, daily online comic strips, you already know it's one of the best comics, online or off. The books are worth buying for the bonus material and to introduce friends and other unsuspecting technophobes.

If you haven't read the online comic strip, I urge you to do so. It's entertaining and hilarious. The following Sluggy books are available from (click on the cover art to purchase):

Is it Not Nifty?   Worship the Comic   When Holidays Attack

Game Called on Account of Naked Chick   Yippy, Skippy, The Evil!

New Mini-books are available from Plan Nine Publishing.

Shorter than the full Sluggy collections, but everything that was colored on the original strip is colored in the Mini Books, whether it's a Sunday strip, or some special "spot colors" in a daily strip. Each Mini Book is $8.95 plus shipping.

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