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Seize Control

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Seize Control

If your life is out of control, it could be that you're not handling stress very well. Other people and situations may be pushing your hot buttons and pulling your strings. Stop being manipulated and seize control by controlling the stresses in your life.

You can do something about it. Using the information in our Seize Control Workshop you can start to solve your dis-stress problem in as little as five minutes. The entire program only takes an hour or so to complete! Have a look at the Seize Control Program outline to see for yourself how simple and effective the program is.

Perhaps you don't think that your problem is that serious, or that you have control over the stresses in your life. To help you find out if stress is (or potentially could be) a problem for you we invite you to do a self-analysis of your current situation.

We have provided three questionnaires that were used by the National Population Health Survey to measure stress. The results of the survey were published by Statistics Canada in Health Reports, Winter 1998, Vol 10, No 3. Simply answer the three questionnaires and see for yourself if you have a problem.

Find out how other people have resolved their stress problems. Click on Success Stories to read accounts from people who have decided that "enough is enough!" People who have decided that life is too short to go through it being miserable. People who are sick and tired of letting other people make them sick. People who have decided to take control of their life back.

You could be one of those people!

Classic definition of insanity: People who do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

T. James Cook is a writer, a professional speaker, and a seminar leader. He has developed and delivered hundreds of seminars and workshops to thousands of individuals on business management and personal development topics. In addition to seminars, Jim has written numerous articles for magazines on business management topics, and several self-development e-books.

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