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A Scarlet Peccadillo by John Masterson

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Don't call Lulu a vampire. She has enough problems: Coming from a household populated by a crazy mother and the ghost of a famous rock star who asks her to be his "special" bride, can you blame her for finding strength and comfort in the warm taste of human blood?

When she finally meets a man who understands her, he tries to blackmail her. Not a smart thing to do, but no one ever accused her boyfriend Diesel of having a genius I.Q.

When she tells him she's pregnant, he is sure it is a plot against his freedom... but it's bad judgment to argue with a woman whose anger is deadly.

They drive to Las Vegas, she with dreams of starting a new life; he with hopes to hire a few good hit men with sharp stakes.

This unique, offbeat vampire tale brings the reader along on a wild thrill-ride through the realm of the supernatural.

John Masterson graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit and is currently living in Oakland, California.

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ISBN: #1-930889-34  *  Length: 58,900 words

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