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If you love fantasy, Jones is a can't-miss author. Her magical books begin with vivid description and mix in a little romance, humor, mythology, with a clever twist or three.  Though billed as a primarily young adult author, all ages can appreciate the books listed here.

Her two latest books were directed toward adults. Readers will notice that she lives in England and writes in English (meaning, some British terms and attitudes are apparent but never detract from your enjoyment of the writing.)  If you decide you want to buy several of her books at once, it's simple and efficient to use this link.

Deep Secret- Buy the HardcoverDeep Secret

As usual, Jones has outdone herself. With humor, finesse and intensity, this adult fantasy follows Rupert Venables, Junior Magid of Earth (yes, that's a type of magician.) His troubles begin when his Senior dies and, of course, he must take over. This means that he must search for a new Junior Magid to fill his former position, and with some help from the Powers That Be, his Senior gives him a list of possible successors- and also manages to get permission to tag along in ghost form. The five candidates are caused to attend a Scifi and Fantasy convention in England so he can meet up with them there and assess their possibilities as magicians. They will have a very important job of helping the Universe along in a positive (Ayewards) direction. Earth seems to go Naywards (negatively) a lot though, as we all know... and so do Rupert's plans.

Jones is great at giving quick descriptions of her characters that capture their essence (i.e. "He was talking to a carroty woman.") She then goes on to develop each important character with great depth. This book may make you want to attend a science fiction convention... or stay away from them forever!


Sirius, the dog star, is accused of killing a fellow star, and as punishment is sent to earth to try to retrieve a "Zoi", the powerful object which killed the star. He has a limited time to find it, life span the creature whose body he is sent into- a puppy. Unfortunately, when he is born as a puppy, he doesn't remember anything about being a star, or being sent to earth, and he does not begin to remember until his dog's body is full grown. As a puppy he is adopted by a very oppressed young girl, Kathleen, who loves him as much as he does her. When he finally recalls everything and begins his search for the Zoi, he finds out that he's not the only one looking for it, and the other searchers could put Kathleen in grave danger...

This is one on my favorite books! I highly recommend it. Dogsbody is a great book to start with if you've never read one of Jones' books. The book really gives a great view of a dog's life, and shows that the author understands animals. I love the way Sirius' puppyhood and adolescence are described, and the relationship between him and Kathleen. This is also a very emotional book. I've read it over and over, but it still makes me laugh and cry. (LK)

The Lives of Christopher Chant (The Chrestomanci Novels , No 3)

This book is about a young boy, Christopher Chant. He has always had strange dreams, where he travels to a 'place between,' where he can get to strange worlds. Sometimes, he brings things with him out of his dreams, and when he awake his pajamas are often torn or covered with mud. He doesn't know that these are more than just dreams, that he has strong magic. Christopher's uncle finds out that this is happening, and asks him to meet someone in the 'place between,' and go with the person to pick up parcels in other worlds. Christopher doesn't realize is that his uncle is exploiting him, that these are dangerous missons to smuggle in illegal items and weapons from other worlds.

I really enjoyed this book. It kept my interest with all the mishaps and action going on throughout the book. The characters are really developed well, and it makes you sympathetic to Christopher. I read a related book, "Charmed Life" first, which includes a grown-up Christopher. If you read "The Lives of Christopher Chant", I suggest you read "Charmed Life" next- or, read "Charmed Life" and then this one-- they're both great books! (LK)

Archer's Goon

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Eight Days of Luke

Charmed Life  Buy Audio-Cassette
Howl's Moving Castle Buy an Alternative Binding or Edition

Castle in the Air Buy an Alternative Binding or Edition

Hexwood Buy the HardcoverBuy an Alternative Binding or Edition

Dark Lord of Derkholm Buy the Hardcover

Fantasy Stories

The Time of the Ghost Buy the Hardcover

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland

The Magicians of Caprona

Seeing Is Believing: Seven Stories (Not Yet Published) Buy the Hardcover

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