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Promotion: Where to Get your Book Reviewed

As soon as you have the final, edited copy of your book, you should submit your book for reviews. For every ten reviewers to whom you submit your book, you may receive one reviews; thus, it's a good idea to send it to as many appropriate reviewers as possible.

In addition to visiting the relevant review sites listed below to promote your book, I recommend you perform a web search using a site such as Google. Enter search terms such as "book reviews" (optionally, include your book's type (i.e., e-book or print), genre (i.e., romance, science fiction), or other keywords.)

The following tips/guidelines are provided in the interest of not offending or disrespecting the reviewer-- if you offend them, they will not review your book. If you have any doubts about their requirements or questions, email the reviewer.

Finally, after you have submitted a book to any of the reviewers on our lists, check our news section to see if there is any update. Occasionally, reviewers will go on vacation or book review sites will shut down.


  • Make sure you don't send your book to a horror reviewer if your book is a romance. If our listing does not indicate a specific genre, the reviewer accepts all genres.
  • Follow each reviewer's instructions for submission or your request may be rejected. Submit to reviewers online and off (local papers are a good offline source.)
  • When submitting books for review, expect response to take 2-6 weeks. Unless otherwise stated, reviewers keep any hard copy of the book you send. (This is common practice among book reviewers.)
  • Do not submit a second request. If you have waited four weeks with no response at all, you may send a polite query about the review.
  • Do not send a mass email to several reviewers. Send each a personalized email.
  • Do not send the entire e-book unless it says in our details that you should, or the reviewer requests it.
  • If the details below indicate you should query the reviewer, send them a request with detailed information-- not the ebook or chapters.
  • When sending a request or review copy, always send with a cover email/letter that politely requests a review and thanks the writer.
  • It may be helpful to follow the format below.
  • Save this information in a Word/WP or text file for future reference. You can then cut and paste the information into emails.
  • Also record who you submitted requests to and when.

Always include (in the query or cover email) the following information:

  • Title of book: {title}
  • Author: Your Full Name or pseudonym
  • Genre: i.e., romance, mainstream fiction, horror
  • Formats and prices: Word $6.95, HTML $6.95, trade paperback $14.95
  • Length and file size: 200,000 words, 20K
  • Publisher Name: Sirius Publications
  • Publisher's URL:
  • ISBN: if available
  • Release Date: 05/01/2001 (May be a future release date.)
  • Advance Review Copy? (ARC): Let reviewer know if they are receiving an ARC (an ARC is an unpolished, sometimes unedited copy of the book, which most reviewers will accept.)
  • Where to purchase (URL):
  • Summary: Keep it brief, one paragraph or less
  • Author's URL: If you have a home page (you may also put the address to your Author Profile Page.)
  • Author Bio: one paragraph or less

We generally obtain our listings by visiting the sites. The listings below are accurate to the best of our knowledge as of the date given below. To confirm information, always visit their respective webpages (click on the name/title to do so.) If you are informed that the review process for any of these has changed, or if you discover a link not working, please notify us.

Know of a reviewer we've left out or have a book review site you'd like to see listed here? Submit reviewer information (include reviewer email address and URL) here. If you are the owner, please include detailed submission guidelines or provide a link to them.

Bonus Tip: Other Promotional Opportunities
Many of the reviewer sites also offer author interviews. Check their web site for more information on this. Many also provide free listings or paid advertising opportunities to authors (meaning, you can have your book advertised on their site if you pay a fee.) Again, see each website for details.

Please note that the links below will open in a new window.


All Genres

Sirius Recommends

That's right, we also do book reviews for authors (not for authors published by us, of course.) Send a query to Sirius Recommends with the information as noted in our guidelines above.

Feathered Quill Book Reviews

Reviews both traditional press and small/self-published, with an emphasis on the small and self-published author. Reviews a variety of genres (see web site sidebar for list of genres.) Offers a limited number of free reviews as well as paid options. Query first for the free option; for the paid option, you can pay by mail, or pay online and then mail the manuscript.

Rebecca's Reads

Subjects they will not accept: children's books, true life crime; coming-of-age fiction; religious tracts about doctrines &/or religious novels; poetry; fantasy; textbooks; horror; erotica or anything else that will affect their family rating, pulp romances, and self–help books that preach what the author does not practice. Reviews

Send information (see our list above and/or their site) to [email protected] with copy of book attached in Word, RTF, HTML or pdf format. For print books, send information and you will be given the mailing address.

Midwest Book Review

Send: 1. A finished copy of the book (no galleys or uncorrected proofs); 2. An accompanying publicity release or media kit. Allow 12 to 16-weeks. Publisher ebook submissions will be referred to one of our ebook specialists. Please email ebook review requests to [email protected] for referral to one of our ebook specialists. Do not send any attachments. Your assigned ebook specialist will notify you as to the format and address to which you must send the e-book.


Reviews all genres. Current guidelines:

ForeWord magazine, a bi-monthly review journal, publishes reviews of great books from independent publishers to coincide with their publication dates. We require galleys, advance review copies, or an electronic query three to four months prior to the date of publication.

For hardcopy ARCs and galleys, submit one copy of the book with the following fact sheet information: category, title, subtitle, author, publisher, number of illustrations, pages, prices, binding, number of CDs, hours/minutes, ISBNs of formats, and pub dates. Include the publisher’s name, address, phone, and fax on the fact sheet.

For electronic submissions, send a query, fact sheet, cover art, and the first three chapters of the book. Send queries to [email protected].

Also accepts submissions through NetGalley.

ForeWord receives more than 1,400 galleys/books, audios, PODs, and eBooks during every publishing period and can only select approximately 5% for review. Of the titles reviewed, 60% are nonfiction. Selection factors for nonfiction include current interest, editorial calendar, distinctiveness, preparation, and credibility. Fiction and mystery consideration is given to well-written books with interesting plots, settings, and characters. Other considerations for review include layout, audience, competition, and review space.

The readership of ForeWord magazine is comprised of 26,000 librarians, booksellers, literary agents, and other trade professionals who require a reliable source of reviews of books from independent and university presses.

Huntress Reviews

Reviews all Fiction Genres. Query [email protected].

Scribes World Reviews

Click on "Request A Review" on the bottom of their Reviews page, then fill in the form to get your book reviewed.

Current guidelines:

1. We can no longer accept self-published works unless recommended by an established entity; e.g., a widely recognized author, one of our reviewers, etc.

2. We can only accept works from publishers who are on our approved list, meaning they have filed a questionnaire with us that provides proof of editing, lack of vanity or subsidy practices, etc. Publishers who would like the questionnaire may email [email protected] Please put "publisher questionnaire" in the subject line. *Check the approved list for your publisher*

3. Poetry and non-fiction will be accepted on a limited basis. Very few of our reviewers have an interest in these genres and as we are a volunteer organization we do not 'assign' books to our reviewers.

4. We make no promises of a book that has been accepted into the queue actually receiving a review. Neither do we guarantee a good review.


The Savvy Click Magazine

Query [email protected]. Children's books (print and electronic). Current guidelines:


Affaire de Coeur

Current Guidelines:

Send your galley/manuscript at least four months* prior to publication date to: Affaire de Coeur 3976 Oak Hill Road Oakland, CA 94605. Please identify the sub-genre on the outside envelope.

* Will not accept submissions less than three months prior to the date of publication unless it is associated with an ad. Will not review books after publication unless it is done in association with an ad.

The Literary Times

Query [email protected] with title, release date, publisher, and a note about the book's setting, i.e. England 1800's. They will email you the name and address of the next available reviewer best suited to your genre.

The Romance Reader

Print books only. Manuscripts or ARCs OK. Send query by e-mail to [email protected]

Road to Romance

Current Guidelines:

If you make a review request and we find a reviewer for you, please reply that you've received our note about sending the book.  We'll attempt to contact you twice, and after that won't be responsible for doing the review. It will come off the list and the request will be considered void. 

RTR accepts books for review in the following genres:  all romance sub-genres, series romance, women's fiction, mystery/suspense, non-fiction/self-help if it's relevant to women.  We no longer accept erotic or highly sensual books. 

All formats accepted but some reviewers won't take ebooks -- it's their choice.  Galleys and ARC's are fine, bound or not. Please fill out the form to submit a query.

Also offers other promotional features.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Millennium Magazine

Query e-book review editor Pat Cavender at [email protected].

SF Site

Print or ebooks. Neil Walsh, Reviews Editor. For ebooks, query [email protected]. All materials for editorial consideration should be sent to: SF Site, 99 Fifth Avenue, Suite 302, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5P5 Canada.

Material must have "Commercial Sample: No Commercial Value" clearly marked on the outside of the package. Use regular airmail if you are shipping from outside of Canada; they will return packages sent via UPS unopened.

Future Fiction

Print books and e-books. Science fiction, fantasy and alternative history genres (speculative fiction). Send an e-mail query to [email protected] with 1-3 chapter sample in Microsoft Word (preferred) or embedded in the body of the e-mail. Send print book to:
P.O. Box 5116
Springfield, PA  19064-5116

Science Fiction Weekly

Query [email protected], or send review copy to:

Science Fiction Weekly
128 Bayer Road
Hedgesville, WV 25427

Fill out their form to request a book review. Other services available.

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Other Resources on our site:

Reviewer News


Past News:

The following no longer exist:

  • InscriptionsMagazine.Com
  • Under the Covers Book Reviews
  • Bookdragon Review
  • Fiction Forest
  • Calico Trails Magazine
  • McQuark's
  • Romance Reader on the Run

Raven's Reviews No Longer Accepting Queries.

From their site: "This site is closed for submissions Our apologies, but this site is no longer updated regularly. If we decide to re-open, we may accept submissions in the future. Until then, best of luck!"

Lisa's Reviews is now Book Review Cafe
Lisa is still accepting books for review. See our listing above.

Just Views is No Longer Reviewing Books
Brenda Ramsbacher, Managing Editor, announced that they will not be listing or reviewing books until further notice. They do offer interview and author listing services, so check out their site if you are interested in book promotion.

GenrEZONE Folds

Just recently, we visited GenreZONE, which used to be on our review list, and found that the site had been shut down. Therefore, if you submitted an e-book to them, there will be no review.

Painted Rock Closes Reviews

From their site: "Beginning June 1, no new reviews will be posted. Painted Rock will no longer review books. We have made this decision in order to concentrate our efforts and resources on writer education." Interestingly, new reviews were posted on June 4, 2001. Apparently, they are not accepting any more books for review.

Sleepless Resources Disappears

Sleepless Resources, formerly located at, is gone. There is no notice or explanation at the former site.

Another Mystery now has only a notice that says the new website is coming soon. Apparently the magazine no longer owns this domain name.

Affaire de Coeur Now Bimonthly

This page last updated on June 17, 2009.

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