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Do you enjoy our site and the resources and services (and books) we provide? Our best advertisement is our satisfied authors, customers and site users. We love you all and we just want to hug you, and squeeze you... But don't worry, we won't we'll just keep enhancing our site and ask you to help promote it.

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    Write book reviews or suggest our books for a book review.

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    Write a glowing review of the books you have read (if they deserve one!) at or (if available there.) Or, write a review for our site and get a free e-book here!

    Request specific title(s) at local bookstore and library (once the book has an ISBN.) If they do not have them, suggest they order them.

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    Take a copy when you go to meetings of writers or publishers and give them our web address. Ask us for free promotional materials to hand out as well.

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