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Publisher's Distribution Program

Are you an e-book publisher?

Would you like your book to be listed in our bookstore?

We pay 70% of every sale to royalty-paying publishers. We pay publishers every month when royalities earned equal a minimum of $25.

Just like a bricks-and-mortar bookstore, we would like to serve as a bookseller for your offerings. A listing in our book store will give your authors' books more exposure and it's easy to sign up. Currently, orders are processed manually with many orders filled within hours, all filled within 48 hours. We will soon be offering books via immediate automatic download as well. Your books will be included in our database and on our "bookshelves". They will, of course, note the publisher and have a cover provided by you. If you want us to provide a cover for the e-book using stock photographs, there is an extra charge.

How does this work?

Sign up steps are detailed below-- just three easy steps!

You will send us an electronic version (or several if you have several formats available) and we will handle delivery of the e-book, once accepted. You let us know the price and give us the details. Then you just sit back and wait for the royalties to come in!

We will also distribute print books through drop shipping, which means we notify you of the sale and you ship the book out to the customer. As publisher, you determine whether or not you want to distribute your print books through us.

Your royalties will be provided on a web page accessible exclusively by you so that you can track the books' sales at any time.

Eligible publishers are those who have an exclusive contract with the author to distribute their work. The publishers we would like to work with in this section include: (1) those just with a publishing house devoted to electronic works; (2) have contracts with more than one author; and (3) have exclusive contracts with their authors. New publishers welcome.

Self-published authors and published authors with non-exclusive contracts should see our Orion Program.

Ready to begin selling your book in our book store?

Publishers' Submission Guidelines

Currently, we accept books in all genres except erotica and religious. We reserve the right to deny listing to any book that we feel is inappropriate for our store for any reason.

Please perform the following steps to sign up:

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