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New Age and Spirituality: Poetry: Prayers for the Temple Within

Prayers for the Temple Within
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Prayers for the Temple Within is a collection of imagistic prayer poems by poet Louise Hart. Many of the poems are illustrated.

The prayers are non-denominational and have, in fact, been read from the pulpit of and enjoyed by those of many faiths.

Incorporating the universalities of monotheism, the inspired metaphysical poems explore and pay homage to the Universal Force, Idea Genesis, Omega Point, Creator, God power that unites and flows through all of us.

The language of the prayers is drawn from both current and ancient religions and as much from everyday life as from science and theology for truth knows no sect or divisions. There is, the poet maintains, no aspect of our lives in which we cannot experience and know the power that created us. We are one with it as it is a part of us.

The images are similarly drawn from both classic religions and from everyday modern life. Throughout the work, the poet seeks to achieve a unity of spirit not by escape from the realities of life or the world, but rather, from heightened sensitivity to and embracing the world without and within.

The photographs, like the word images incorporated in the text, seek to not only capture the spirit of the prayers, but also, to assist readers in their meditation, contemplation and acceptance of manís and each individualís place in the universe and all creation.

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Length: 52 pages, 6500 words
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