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Print On Demand Program (POD)

With our POD program, we print your book only when an order is submitted. The major benefit of this program is that you don't have to come up with thousands of dollars to print books, find a place to store them (your basement?), then hope they sell.

These books will be paperbacks perfect bound with a hot glue process. This creates a book comparable to high quality trade paperbacks found in bookstores. When a book is ordered, the printing company will usually print and ship a copy within 48 hours of receiving the order. You can sign up for e-book and POD publishing by signing one dual contract.

Need more information? Want a summary of the contracts?

Ready to sign up? If you would like to join the POD program, I will need you to read the contract and sign it digitally at one of these links:
POD Exclusive Signup / Nonexclusive Signup
E-book/POD Dual Exclusive Signup / Nonexclusive Signup

Why choose our POD program?

Traditional publishers pay 10-15% royalties. We pay 15-20%. These are among the highest royalty rates in the industry right now.

Some POD programs ask for all rights to your work. We want our authors to have choices and flexibility, therefore we offer two different contracts currently. One of the contracts is non-exclusive, allowing you to sell your book through other non-exclusive companies simultaneously.

Some POD programs make you buy your own book at the full list price. With us, you can buy your book wholesale for 35% off the list price.

Some POD programs assign their own ISBN to your book. With us, we give you the option of using your own ISBN. Or we can give your book one of our ISBNs.

Other POD programs lock you in to a long-term contract. With us, you can terminate your agreement with us simply by giving us 10 days notice by email. The book will be removed as soon as we confirm your request, thus it may be removed from our site as soon as the next hour (the 10 days merely gives us a grace period in case of external circumstances.) That means if your book is accepted by a major publisher, you will be free to negotiate with them.

We pay royalties monthly on books sold through our web site, provided we owe you $20 or more.

You'll have access to free book marketing resources, including information, advice, and links. If you need further advice or help, email us and we will respond promptly. You will not receive a form letter or automated response from us, but a personalized email from a real live person.

Some Cautions

We want our authors to be well-informed and enter into a mutually profitable arrangement with us, so the following cautions are provided:

If you want to sell your print book mainly through book stores, we may not be the right company for you--in fact, a print on demand company is not recommended for this. Most bookstores will not stock POD books because they want a 50% discount. Given the cost structure of POD, it is not possible to offer such a discount.
About 50% of the retail price of a POD is usually printing costs. The price could be raised, of course, but this would probably make the book less competitive, costing more than other similar books. Bookstores do buy from us on a case-by-case basis.

If you want many options in formatting your book, we may not be the right company for you. We only offer the basic range of services necessary to get the book published in POD: one size, trade paperback: 5.5 x 8.5, one standard layout.

If you are not comfortable interacting entirely online, we are not the company for you. All our interaction is done via email.

If you don't want to market your book, we are not the company for you. We provide help for you in this task via online information and advice upon request.

If you have a good book and $199, sign up for Print on Demand publishing. Your potential market will be much larger if you can offer buyers a print book, and they can be distributed at bookstores as well.

If you would like to utilize the POD option, read the contract and sign it digitally at one of these links:
POD Exclusive Signup / Nonexclusive Signup
E-book/POD Dual Exclusive Signup / Nonexclusive Signup

You will also need to print the contract out, sign and send it to us at the address you will be given. If you don't have the address, contact us.

Remember, you need to pick one type of contract and sign that one both digitally and in hard copy. You will receive a copy within 2-4 weeks and need to allow 4-6 weeks for your book to be available in print on demand format.

The specifications will be as follows:

Print on Demand Exclusive Contract

Summary of terms:

Read the exclusive contract.

Ready to sign up? Follow the five easy steps found on the submissions guidelines page.

Print on Demand Nonexclusive Contract

Summary of terms:

Read the non-exclusive contract.

Ready to submit your manuscript? Follow the five easy steps found on the submissions guidelines page.

Remember, your advantage in signing up for a non-exclusive contract is the ability to publish your work through other non-exclusive book publishers.

Cost to customer to purchase each book:
Number of Pages - 5x8 Paperback - 6x9 Paperback
100 pages or less - $12.95 - $15.95
101-200 pages - $13.95 - $16.95
201- 300 pages - $15.95 - $18.05
301-400 pages - $17.95
More than 400 pages - determined on an individual basis

If you have any questions or need help please contact us
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