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New Age and Spirituality: Supernatural: The Otherness

The Otherness
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What if you discovered a gateway to the intangible and esoteric world which folklore calls fairyland? What if you felt your memory had been tampered with? And what if you remembered seeing fantastic machines that don't exist--in our reality?

The Otherness is just one of the terms used for a strange ethereality existing within our physical realm that some have actually visited.

It is also a term for another dimension of the author's own life deliberately hidden from him by the use of bizarre alien mind games. He wanted to tell a story of benevolent space beings coming to Earth to save us, backed up by photographs and physical evidence, but like the many reported visions and miracles, they remain intangible.

He tells of an interaction with a multidimensional race of entities who attach themselves to the individual in a profound subjective way leaving nothing in their path as evidence, just doubts and paranoia. These experiences can be described as an underlying theme for ghosts, UFO's, premonitions and out of body experiences taking place in an existence that folklore has often referred as Fairyland.

The Otherness is a timeless omnipresence existing right under our very noses, a place of strange races and machines not even written about in science fiction. Read the book and see if you've been there too!

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About the Author

Tim Watts lives in London, England. When asked to describe himself, he said, "I have always led what I considered to be a unfulfilled life, lacking in the common developments that most of us go through. But then there is this life ..."

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