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Orion Publishing Program
For Self-Published and Published Authors

Are you a self-published author? Do you want to become self-published?

Or, do you have a non-exclusive contract with a publisher?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program may be right for you! The Orion Program is a beneficial program for aspiring authors who wish to self-publish, self-published or published authors who have rights to their book and wish to promote their book and increase visibility and sales.

The following options are available:

All prices are per book. You may purchase these items separately or purchase the whole package (not including Short Run Printing) for $1500.

If you are published with a non-exclusive, U.S.-based publisher, you are eligible for this program or for our non-exclusive contract. If your publisher (or yourself, if self-published) is not U.S. based, you are not eligible for this program.

Publishers, please see our publishers' guide.

The Orion Program includes:

1- Prominent listing in our books database
Six months prepaid at $10/month, $60. One year prepaid, $100 (save $20).

Includes a link to your site or to your book's page on or other online bookseller/publisher. This option is ideal for self-published or published authors who want more exposure for their site and book.

2- Print on Demand (POD) Printing, $500

With our POD program, the printer will print your book only when an order is submitted. The major benefit of this program is that you don't have to come up with thousands of dollars to print books, find a place to store them, then hope they sell.

These books will be paperbacks perfect bound with a hot glue process. This creates a book comparable to high quality trade paperbacks found in bookstores. When a book is ordered, the printing company will print and ship a copy within 48 hours of receiving the order (this is guaranteed by them.)

3- Editing, $2.50 per page ($500 for 200 pages.)

Read more about our Editing Service here.

4- ISBN/LCCN, $350
Priority Processing $50 additional.

Facilitating obtaining an ISBN and LCCN. Includes $225 fee charged by ISBN company.

If you are self-publishing, you need an ISBN so your book can be listed in Books in Print, and at book stores such as

ISBNs cost $225 for the application fee and 10 ISBNs minimum. It takes 10 business days for R.R. Bowker to process the ISBN application and put it in first class mail (which takes 3-7 days to arrive at your address.) If you want Priority Processing, it will cost $50 extra and will take 3 business days (only available if you provide a street address, not a PO Box.) They will deliver the information to you via email rather than priority mail, if you prefer. We can fill out the form for you and help with the process for the fee noted.

Keep in mind that once you receive your ISBN numbers, you will receive a "log book" via email or mail (whichever you request.) You will then be responsible for assigning the first ISBN number in the log book to your current book. To assign the number, you need to fill out another form on the R.R. Bowker site. We will fill out all these forms for one book if you use our service.

5a- Facilitating enhancements to your book's listing on, $50.

Once your book has a ISBN it can be listed with also allows you to add additional information once your book is listed. More information is found on this page. As you will see from reviewing the instructions, it can be complex if you attempt to do it all yourself. If you have all the required information, including summary and cover art in the right format, we can facilitate the process for $50. This includes uploading the picture and inputting all information. If you need additional assistance preparing your cover art (such as scanning) please let us know and we will give you a quote.

5b- Advantage, $50 also provides their Advantage program which allows you to increase your book's exposure on their site by shipping copies to them and giving them a 55% cut off of your chosen retail price. If your book is not yet listed with, this will get your book listed. When one of your books sells, they will send you a check at the end of that month for 45% of the book's retail price. In return, your books are listed as available within 24 hours (instead of 4-6 weeks.) This can increase sales greatly. We can facilitate your application to this program as well.

To purchase any portion of the program, please contact us via our form and indicate which option you are interested in and method of payment.

We prefer to receive payments through PayPal. Payment should be addressed to [email protected] For more information on PayPal, see their site. You can also pay by check made payable to Sirius Publications. Checks must be on a U.S. bank account in U.S. funds (if you are outside the U.S., see if PayPal is avialable in your country.) Contact us for the address to which you should send your check.

For All Authors:

Short Run Printing, $3,000 and up.

This option is available to anyone, including authors published by Sirius Publications. We will facilitate the self-publishing process (producing trade paperbacks on a short run basis (this means a minimum of 1,000 copies rather than print on demand, which is done on a copy-ordered basis). We serve as a liaison with printers and designers.

The author then receives the books through the mail. The author can choose to handle orders themself or have the printer handle orders. If the author is handling orders, the author will also handle shipping of orders to customers. If the printer will be handling orders, there is a charge of $50 per month.

Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in this option.

Why so expensive? Short run printing is very expensive. However, your cost per book will be significantly less than the print on demand option. Therefore, you can sell the books at a lower price and still earn higher royalties than the print on demand format would allow.

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