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Upon Acceptance: What's Next?

If your article has been accepted, you will receive an email that says something like this: I am pleased to let you know that editorial review has been completed; your manuscript was found to be excellent and has been accepted for publication with Sirius Publications!

If you have already received that email, congratulations! Here are the next steps in the process (if you have not already completed them):

Step 1- Sign the Contract- Please print out a copy of the contract, sign it and initial where requested. The agreement has changed slightly so please read it carefully (I hope you will agree the changes are for the better). Please feel free to ask any questions via email, and we can discuss any parts of the contract you do not feel comfortable with (it's not inflexible, we can make changes if needed prior to signing). If signed the agreement previously and you asked for changes, please be sure you have signed the current agreement or the agreement with your intialled changes and submitted it for the Publisher to add her initials.

Mail the contract to the address that will be given to you via email.

Step 2- Copyright- The next step is to obtain a copyright for your work if you have not already done so. Of course every author has a copyright to their own work upon creation. However to protect your legal rights, we require you to register your copyright.

For information and application guidelines, please refer to the U.S. Copyright Office. For further info, you can also refer to this author resource. An excellent copyrighting service is provided by ClickAndCopyright, who will guide you through the complex copyrighting process for a fee.

Step 3- Updates and Newsletter

As an author, you are required to sign up for the Author Updates mailing list, which we will use to announce important changes, new developments, offers, etc. Typically, these occur only once per month at maximum. This list is for Sirius Publications authors only. To sign up, go to this page and click on "Join this Group" (usually in the upper right hand corner.)

We invite and encourage our authors to subscribe to Siriusly, our solar newsletter. To keep updated on new developments, please subscribe to the newsletter if you have not already. If you have news for us or would like to submit an article for inclusion in the newsletter, just email us.

Step 4- Author Profile Page

We provide an author profile page based on information you send us through a form. For more information and a link to the form, see our Author's Web Guide.

Step 5- Editing

Please be sure to throroughly edit your manuscript before sending it in. If you were asked to self-edit your book, please use this free guide to grammar and usage. If for some reason this link does not work, see Strunk and White's Manual of Style which is available in hard copy from any book store, including, or here.

Step 6- Promotion

To be successful, we must be partners in book promotion. Please see our promotion resources.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions. Congratulations on the accepted manuscript; we look forward to working with you.

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