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Shopping Cart System Enabled

Our PayPal shopping cart system is now active. This is currently the most convenient way to purchase our books. When you add the item to your cart, you will see the pricing and a total and have the option of checking out or continuing to shop. The system passed our rigorous tests, but there still may be hidden bugs, so please let us know if you have any problems with the system.

We have also added Honor System to our purchasing options. Like PayPal, this system is secure and use strong encryption to transmit credit card information. We think many customers will appreciate the system because they already have accounts at the server and trust the company. We hope you will find that these payment options help you shop with confidence and ease.

What do you think? We value your opinion. Let us know what you think of our payment options using our feedback form.

Our Authors in the News

No Trees Harmed

Louise Hart was featured in in an article entitled "No Trees Were Harmed in the Publishing of Her Online Books," by Adam Groff. The article was published in her local paper, the Townsman, on March 1, 2001. Ms. Hart is writing up a storm for us. We just released another of her delicious recipe booklets. You can now subscribe and automatically receive each new booklet as they are released each month.

Rave Reviews

Several of our books have received rave reviews, including:

This Just In: Exciting New Books

A Scarlet Peccadillo

Don't call Lulu a vampire. She has enough problems: Coming from a household populated by a crazy mother and the ghost of a famous rock star who asks her to be his "special" bride, can you blame her for finding strength and comfort in the warm taste of human blood?

This unique, offbeat vampire tale brings the reader along on a wild thrill-ride through the realm of the supernatural. Read more or buy it here

New Age and Spiritual



Prayers for the Temple Within

Imagistic, metaphysical poetic prayers create an inspirational, spiritual experience for readers and audiences.

The Illustrated Book of Trees

Imagistic poems, photographically illustrated by the author, a former photojournalist & published poet, seek to explore the universal truths and answers found within each of us.


The Haunted House Diary by Louise Hart

The diary of a young girl is found in an old abandoned house. Is it an account of supernatural events that happened there years ago, or just the musings of a girlís overactive imagination?

The Boy Who Knew by Louise Hart

True stories of the supernatural show how children communicate what they know and see, how e.s.p. helps us in our lives and how much we still have to learn about the mysteries of life.


The Racerís Edge And Other Stories by Louise Hart

Love brings a professional go-kart racer to the edge of success on the day of a critical, must-win race. But to win, he must believe and trust in himself. What happens will amaze you.

Self Help and How To

How to Read Playing Cards for Fun and Profit
by Louise Hart

A guide to using regular playing cards for divination and self-development.

Illuminating Poetry Collections

Illuminations, Life has No Handles, and Nature's Majesty


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