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July, 2001

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Grand Re-Opening

SP Joins Electronic Publishing Coalition

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The Road to Publication: Challenges in Malaysia by Rosita M.

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Grand Re-Opening Special

If you visited the site recently, you probably noticed it was closed temporarily. The site has now officially re-opened, and we have added several enhancements that we hope you'll enjoy, including a shopping cart system. To celebrate our re-opening, if you purchase an e-book by August 31, 2001, you will get one free.

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Our new secure PayPal shopping cart system is now online. Soon we will also have immediate download. Those purchases will be made on iBill's secure servers or on through the Honor System.

- SP Joins Electronic Publishers Coalition -

We joined the Electronic Publishers Coalition (EPC) this month. The EPC is an organization of publishing professionals committed to the development of a healthy market place for digital content.

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Sluggy Freelance

What do ferrets, cute little mini-lop bunnies with switch blades, clueless humans, witches, aliens, and demons from another dimension all have in common? They're all in Sluggy Freelance! If you've read the free, daily online comic strips, you already know it's one of the best comics, online or off. The books are worth buying for the bonus material and to introduce friends and other unsuspecting technophobes. To purchase or read about more Sluggy books, see our Sluggy Page at

Many new book reviews have been added to the Sirius Recommends section, including reviews of Strange Toys, Neverending Story and The Princess and the Goblin, and Wysard. To see these and more, visit: Sirius recommends

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- Great Reviews! -

Rare Passion by Jo Barrett received 4.5 stars from Romance Reader on the Run Reviewer Sharon. Here's an excerpt:

"The heroine is intelligent which is refreshing. The hero is smart, sexy and gorgeous. Grant is a cowboy-boot-wearing, Shakespeare reciting, hero to die for. The scenes between Grant and Bailey crackle with sexual chemistry. Fans of Suzanne Brockmann will love this hero - even though Grant is not a Navy SEAL! This is the first book I have read by this author and this fan can't wait for her next!" For more, see Romance Reader on the Run. Buy the book at Sirius Publications.

Bride of the Overlord recently had some excellent reviews. The most recent can be found at:

"Strong life-like characters, vivid setting descriptions and an unlikely romance make 'Bride of the Overlord' an entertaining read." --PJ Johnson, The Road to Romance.

Submit your book for review by online and offline book reviewers, and you may get some exposure for your book, not to mention accolades. Find places to submit your book on our promotions page at:


The Road to Publication: Challenges in Malaysia

By Rosita M.

I faced many challenges in trying to write and publish my novella, "Kyle and Co."

First, I had no one to edit my book, so I was writing without anyone to give me any idea if what I had written made sense. I was under a lot of stress. Finally, one of my aunts who was a retired secondary school teacher offered to edit my book. I went to her house three or four times a week to get my book finished as soon as possible. I had no income at that time, as the country was in a recession.

When I finished my novella, I had problems getting a publisher to accept it. They said there was no market for it locally. Very few people read these days here in Malaysia, especially English language books. Everyone wants to read books written in Malay. I made hundreds of phone calls and sent many letters, but my efforts were to no avail.

Finally, I found Sirius Publications on the Internet. I sent the book for their consideration and it was accepted. The editor made many changes, mostly in English grammar, formatting for dialogue, and spelling, which I approved. Finally, it was published. After being informed that it was ready to be downloaded, I tried to promote it to some of the local magazines and newspapers in Malaysia. Because of the gay element of the story, no one wanted to promote it. Although the writing was not pornographic in any way and was in good taste, they were reluctant. We have no freedom of speech here, and things having explicit promiscuity are banned in Malaysia.

About Malaysia:

Malaysia, pronounced mlazh, is located just south of Thailand in Southeast Asia. It is considered a federal constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy (1995 estimated population 19,724,000.) It is divided into two parts: West Malysia and East Malaysia, comprised of Sabah and Sarawak. West Malaysia is more populated. The capital and largest city is Kuala Lumpur. Source: The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition (2000), Columbia University Press. For more information see:

Looking for adventure, excitement, witchcraft, romance and mystery? Kyle and Co. is a spell-binding thriller set in Southeast Asia. You won't be disappointed! Buy Kyle and Co. at:



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