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The Memoirs of Josephine Fish

by Patricia Fish

The Memoirs of Josephine Fish by Patricia Fish
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Would you believe... a book written by a cat?

Why not? Cats are observant, creative and ingenious. And author Patricia Fish should know, since she has observed them often and carefully enough to capture the cat's particular brand of humor and intelligence... at least, that of one particular calico cat.

When Josephine the calico learns to type, she finds herself embroiled in human politics that affect animals throughout the nation. She gets involved with the animals in her backyard, including the arrogant blue jays, busy chickadee families, and infuriating squirrels. Will she succeed in finding a way to help the animals and birds, or just get her humans arrested?

ISBN: #1-930889-00-3 * File Sizes: Word 460K * HTML- 380K

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