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Grandma's Book of Recipes
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"A woman who can't cook or manage money is no ____ good." In an Irish American household, it is more than a phrase or opinion. The words carry with them the weight of a rule of law.

As long as the author, her grandmother and her great grandmother lived, they were bonded together by their skills at money management and their love of cooking. She remembers each of them as she once again prepares a recipe as they taught her to do.

She sees their hand and their delight in the faded yellow recipe cards on which they penned their favorite recipes for her to follow.She hears their admonishment and their advice when she prepares one of the home remedies by which they swore.

What started out as a family project has grown into a book to share her wisdom and heritage with others. It probably should have been called Mill Girl Recipes, but in honor of those from whom the recipes have come she has named it, My Grandmother's Book of Recipes and Helpful Hints. As you read it, she hopes you will share their memory with her.

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Length: 24,600 words
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