Sirius Publications E-Book/POD Exclusive Digital Contract

Sirius Publications Exclusive E-Book/Print on Demand Digital Contract

Thank you for your interest in our publishing program. This is the form to digitally sign the exclusive contract for the print on demand version of your book. Please read the exclusive E-Books/Print on Demand contract carefully and then return to this page if you would like to participate.

Once you have digitally signed this contract by following the instructions, print out, sign and mail the printable copy of the contract

By entering your name below and pressing submit, you certify that you have read and agree to the Sirius Publications exclusive contract. We will get back to you within the next two weeks via email if you give us a valid email address and fill the form out completely.

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I will be paying the fees through PayPal, the preferred method (remember to sign up through the button on our site.) Please bill me at the email address I listed above.

I will be paying by check made payable to Kerri Kadow and sent to the address found on the POD page. (Please note that checks take approximately 14 days to clear and your book will be uploaded for printing when it has cleared. It then takes about 21 days before it appears as a paperback.)

Please email me so we can discuss alternative payment methods.

I would like information on the upcoming option of short print runs of my book and would like to be notified when it becomes available. I understand that in requesting info I am under no obligation to participate in the short run program.

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