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Five Reasons To Hire an Editor

There are several advantages to hiring an editor.

1. An accurate, well-written document is a pleasure to read, whereas a badly written one stands out like a sore thumb.

2. You can pay more attention to reviewing the content of your document rather than worrying about the style and grammar.

3. Technical writers, academics, and consultants often become too close to their own work and do not notice various errors that can creep in. It is the editor's job to search out and correct those errors.

4. Even if you are an excellent self-editor, when you have proofread the document several times, it becomes old to you and your eyes don't catch errors. A fresh eye will catch those you would miss.

5. The number one reason why books are turned down by publishers is typos, bad grammar and annoying minor errors and formatting gaffs. Your manuscript won't even make it past the first screener to the desk of the actual editor. A professional editor can polish your book so your talent shines through.

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