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Editing Service

Special Introductory Special! 

Get $25 off when you purchase 3 hours or more of proofreading or editing.

See below for important information on estimates, payments and length of project.


Price: $25 per hour; approximately $2.50 per page
Typical project: 1 hour (short story/article, 10 pages)
10 hours (novel, 100 pages): $250

Payment: We will bill you for first hour upon receiving your contact form. Once estimate is agreed upon, we will bill you for that amount.

Examines and corrects for:
Errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation.
Confusing or awkward sentences.
Inconsistency of style.

Extensive Editing

Price: $50 per hour; approx. $5 per page.

Examines and corrects for all of the above (errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation; confusing or awkward sentences; inconsistency of style) in addition to editing document for clarity, logic, and content. Your editor will make sure your words say exactly what you intended. Awkward phrasing, redundancy, inconsistency, and poor pacing will be corrected. Includes a critique and consultation with the author regarding major changes.


Price: $50 per shorter manuscript (1-50 pages); $50 per 50 pages thereafter. Payment: We will bill you for first hour/estimate after receiving your contact form. Once estimate is agreed upon, we will bill you for that amount.

Your editor will give your manuscript or proposal (three chapters and a synopsis, or a narrative outline) a thorough reading. The first twenty or thirty pages (generally the first chapter, if a book) will be line edited. Usually, you will find notations made throughout the entire ms. that can help guide you through revisions. You will receive a thoughtfully crafted letter detailing problems found in the manuscript along with possible solutions that are based on a clear understanding of what makes good writing.

If extensive critique is warranted the author will be consulted regarding further work for a further fee.  Nothing further will be charged the author without his or her authorization.

Manuscript Preparation

Price: $35 per hour
Typical project: 1-2 hours (short story/article), 3 hours (novel)

Market Research

Price: $50 per hour
Length: Varies. First hour will be $25 and we will give you an estimate of length for your project.

We do the work so you can concentrate on your writing. We will research possible markets for your manuscript. You will first need to let us know what you are looking for by filling out our initial form. We will find appropriate markets and create a customized listing for you. We can also create cover letters and labels for each market, and even mail out your manuscripts for you if you prefer.

Web Page Editing
Price:$15 per page for proofreading, $35 per page for extensive editing.

Cover Design

Price: $65 for e-book cover.
$95 for print book cover
One of our cover designers will work with you to create an attractive, professional cover for your book using existing graphics and artwork.

If you would like something more unique, an artist can create original artwork for $250.

Resizing/Reformatting Existing Artwork

Price: $20 flat fee per graphic. Graphics such as cover art, author photo, or web art resized, optimized or reformatted into .jpg or .gif. Must be in .jpg, .gif, .tiff or .bmp (bitmap) format.


Price: $3 per page double-spaced; $4 per page single-spaced for end product.
Send us your printed book and we'll have one of our typists turn it into an ebook!

To utilize any of the above services, fill out our contact form. We will then contact you with information about submitting your material and will bill you appropriately.

Important Information

Send us your information using our form. We will respond, usually within 24-48 hours. We will bill you for the estimation or flat fee and give you instructions on submitting your material. For further details about the editing procedure, see Procedure.

What is a page?
For pricing purposes, a page consists of a typical double-spaced typewritten (or printed from a computer program) page with one-inch margins. A page is approximately 250 words when using Times New Roman or Courier 12 pt font.

First Hour/Estimate
For all proofreading and editing projects, the first hour includes assessing the amount of editing needed for the project (by editing 1-20 pages, depending on length of document) and consulting with the author. The $25 fee for first hour/estimate is non-refundable. Author will be asked to agree on the length of the project before being charged anything further, and before completion of the project.

Length and Turnaround
The length of time each editing project will take varies depending on what is needed and the length of the manuscript, therefore typical project lengths are given only as examples.  The length given for each project indicates actual editing time, which determines how much you will pay. For most projects, actual turnaround/completion time is 2-4 weeks, although rush projects can be completed for a fee. If turnaround will be longer due to high work volume, we will notify you before beginning your project.

For proofreading and editing, the entire estimated fee will be due at initiation of the project. For other services (such as image conversion), We will charge you for the first 50% of the estimated or flat fee up front, and 50% on completion.

Payment Methods
We accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards as well as e-checks through PayPal. We will bill you. Click here for more information on PayPal.

Fees are primarily for labor, therefore they are nonfrefundable. However, if you are not pleased with the result please discuss it with us and we will make it right. If you feel strongly that your editor has not connected properly with your work, we will back up our service by having another of our professionals evaluate the work.

Other Services

If you would like other services or more information about the services provided, please email us.

Rush Jobs
If you would like a rush editing job done (deadline of 3 weeks or less) for an additional charge of $50-$200, contact us to negotiate payments.

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