Sirius Publications(tm)

Editing Process

1. Author fills out our initial contact form.

2. We contact the author via email to confirm that we will take on the project, to ask any additional questions, and to detail how to send your material.

3. We bill the author for initial hour and estimated fee.

4. Author sends manuscript for estimate according to our instructions.

5. We return any edited pages via email along with an estimate. Author then submits digital contract and payment if satisfied with the estimate.

6. The author sends the manuscript to the address we provide, either as hard copy (paper), as a file on diskette, or as a file attached to an email message. Hard copy is required for projects longer than 10 pages.

7. The editor reads the paper, checks for grammar, consistency, format, and spelling, and marks the changes on the hard copy and/or lists changes. Depending on the agreement between the author and the editor, the editor will either (a) send the marked hard copy back to the author so that the author can make the changes he or she agrees with, or (b) make the changes to the file and send the completed manuscript back as an attached file.

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