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Life Between the Earpieces by Louis-Paul Medoupe, MD

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We live in an era where medicine seems capable of new miracles each day. Ironically, the once respected medical profession is criticized more vigorously than ever before, and many of the critics have never treated a single patient.

Do they truly understand how difficult and demanding the practice of medicine has become? Have they experienced frustration at having their ability to help people manacled by bureaucracy? Have they felt grief and self-doubt when a patient suffers despite one's best efforts, or satisfaction when those efforts succeed?

Medical students are taught that the most important section of a stethoscope is the part that fits between the earpieces. Despite all the marvelous technological advances, the practice of medicine still requires the mind and spirit of a human being we call a doctor. These accounts of the care of real patients will provide an understanding of what is like to be one today.

The author graduated with a B.S in Chemical Engineering from M.I.T. and received his medical degree from the Pennsylvania State University. He worked as an Emergency Department physician for thirteen years and as a family practitioner. Previously, he had two magazine articles about medical practice published.

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