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There are three kinds of people:

  1. People who make things happen.
  2. People who watch things happen.
  3. People who wonder what the heck happened.

These three programs by T. James Cook will help you to become one of those who make things happen.

Seize Control

If the stresses you encounter in your daily life are keeping you from achieving all that you are capable of, it's time to take matters into your own hands and solve the 'stress' problem.

The Seize Control program shows you how to pinpoint the stresses that are causing you the biggest hassle and then provides four sure-fire techniques for dealing with the stress.

Speak Up

The number one fear of North American adults is Public Speaking. If you find yourself required to make presentations on a regular or even occasional basis you owe it to yourself (and your audiences) to polish your public speaking skills.

Learn the three most important speaking skills; learn different approaches to writing a speech; learn how to analyze your audience… and much much more.

Success Now

Dreams can come true. But it seldom happens automatically or by chance. The Success Now Program shows you step by step how to turn your dreams into reality.

This program helps you turn your dreams into reality by first making them goals and then developing strategic plans to achieve them.

T. James Cook is a writer, a professional speaker, and a seminar leader. He has developed and delivered hundreds of seminars and workshops to thousands of individuals on business management and personal development topics. In addition to seminars, Jim has written numerous articles for magazines on business management topics, and several self-development e-books.

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