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On the Death of Love by Louise Hart
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On the Death of Love and other poems is the sixth volume of poetry by poet, author and photojournalist Louise Hart. In this short volume, with dramatic imagery drawn from our lives and history, the poet looks at our emotions and interpersonal relations and how we relate or fail to relate to one another. Again and again, through each succeeding poem, emotions and relationships are turned like gems in our hands until many of their facets have been explored.

No subject or image is taboo. Tragedy and tranquility each have their moments as do humor, loneliness and fear. The poet looks at prisoners, the dying, parents, children, war, graveyards, nature and bureaucracies. All help us define who and what we are. The hermit is never alone and cannot hide from the voice within. Those in the care of others feel isolated and alone.

Through storms and seasons, nature confronts us, shows us her awesome power and mentors us even as she threatens our very existence. Human emotions can be as fearsome, deadly and out of control as any storm. We take hope with us to the grave and can have it as indifferently destroyed then as when we are alive. We vex ourselves with the systems we create. There are insights and truth here for all readers.

Louise Hart's other poetry collections include the Illustrated Book of Trees. For more information on Hart and her publications, see her profile.

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