Sirius Publications
Print on Demand Publication
Comparison Table

Features 1a 1b 2 Sirius exclusive/nonexcl.
Setup fees  $500 $299 Free $500
Yearly fee $25 No No $25
Corrections $99 $99 $99 $99
Royalties 20% 20% 25% 50%/40%
Free copy  yes yes no yes
ISBN yes yes yes yes
Listing with
Amazon, etc
yes yes no yes
25% 25% 25% 35%
Graphics extra extra extra no fee
Copy Editing no free $250 Included
no no no yes
Personal touch** no no no yes

* Author Hands-on refers to the author's participation in decision making about their work.
** Personal touch refers to our help with marketing, author's access to the publisher, easily reaching a human instead of an auto-responder.

Note- These are major companies. These are all exclusive agreements except company 2. You cannot publish your book elsewhere. With Company 2, many services you might wish to add on (such as marketing help) are offered for a fee of $50 and up.
Under Sirius Publications non-exclusive agreement, you pay some extra fees but then you can publish anywhere else you choose (of course that would be anywhere else that offers a nonexclusive contract).