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  1. Bride of the Overlord by Tracy L. Ranson
  2. Life Between the Earpieces by Louis-Paul MeDoupe, M.D.
  3. Books by Louise Hart
    • The Valley Gourmet: Fruit A-Z (Mini-cookbook series)
    • Celebrations: A Collection of Holiday Stories
    • On the Death of Love and Other Poems
    • Tales of a City Maid (Poetry)
    • A Hart-y Laugh at U.S.
    • How to Start an E-Business
  4. Honor in Time by Jay Rogers
  5. Rare Passion by Jo Barrett
  6. Transformations

Seeking reviewers for the following books:

  • The Memoirs of Josephine Fish by Patricia Fish
  • Midnight Harvest by Paul S. Cilwa
  • Personal Development Programs by T. James Cook
  • Nature's Majesty by David Hamilton
  • Fallen Angel by Kerri Ann Kadow
  • Illuminations (Poetry Collection) by Kerri Ann Kadow
  • Windows of the Mind (Poetry Collection) by Robert Leyland
  • Kyle and Co. by Rosita M.
  • A Scarlet Peccadillo by John Masterson.
  • Paths by Paul Richardson
  • Life Has No Handles by John Schmoyer
  • Gaia Syndrome by Chris Wills

Transformations by Nora M. Mulligan

"Entertaining.... Reading it is an adventure. [Nora Mulligan] deserves to take her place as one of the best [in the horror genre]." (Leann "Buzzy" Arndt)

Reviewer: Leann "Buzzy" Arndt

Reviewed in: Buzzy's Reviews on

Rating: Stinger Up! [Enjoyed it]

Not quite what it seems. There is depth to Transformations. So much so that reading it is an adventure. On the surface it is a horror story and a quite good one. Judging by the cover art that seemed to depict a man turning into wolf at first I'd assumed it to be a werewolf tale. In some ways it is. It is scary but not Steve King scary. It is scary in the same way that classic horror films made you afraid of the monster under the bed and the killer hiding in the closet.

Sam Jackson is a young lawyer who discovers that his dearest friend as well as his girlfriend have an ability to change shape. One of them with bloody brutal results. If that weren't enough, he then discovers a similar ability in himself. I really enjoyed it..... It was a good enough read to surprise me. I know lots of folks who write in the horror genre. I didn't recognize Nora as one of them. Though she deserves to take her place among the best. Not perhaps as the most horrifying but as one of the most entertaining.

Bride of the Overlord by Tracy L. Ranson

Three Reviews

"A wonderful plot with two unforgettable characters... Anyone with a love for the medieval time period will enjoy the plot." (Erin Mae)

Reviewer: Erin Mae

Reviewed in: Just Views,

Bride to the Terror of the Isles? No woman would want that! Especially one whose very heritage bespoke of crimes upon his people. The Scottish Princess. Heir to the throne. Now wed to their formidable enemy. What is a gal to do as she falls in love?

Alexander, Duke of Kent, vowed years ago to rectify the wrongs beset upon his men by the Scots. Although valiant in pursuit, the Scots prevailed. After years of war, his grandfather, the King of England, gives Alexander what he wants. Revenge.

Catherine, Princess of Scotland and only heir to the throne, arrives at her castle only to be taken off again to another convent. Unsuspectingly, fate plays a role. Her Caravan is ambushed. Catherine has no choice but to marry.

A wonderful plot with two unforgettable characters.... Anyone with a love for the medieval time period will enjoy the plot. I must admit to reading the entire book.

Review 2 for Bride of the Overlord

Reviewer: PJ Johnson

Reviewed in: The Road to Romance

"Strong life-like characters, vivid setting descriptions and an unlikely romance make "Bride of the Overlord" an entertaining read."

There is always a rich tapestry from which to work when one writes of the Scottish wars. It was a time of wealth, poverty, death and struggle. In "Bride of the Overlord," Ranson weaves the story of young Catherine, a Scottish heiress to the throne of her grandfather King James, but her way is detoured by the ruthless grandson of King Edward of England. The devious plan is for the son, known as the "Terror of the Isles." to force Catherine to marry him, so that their children would have legal claim not only to English soil, but Scottish land as well. However, Catherine is not the meek, subservient woman that Alexander expected to kidnap and then wed. In fact, she is a thorn in his side from the first few moments of their meeting nearly throughout the rest of the story.

Though she has many failed attempts at escape, Alexander begins to see he cares more for her than he wishes to and as he softens, little by little, yet, so does Catherine, seeing her captor husband in a different light. The fact that she carries his son in her belly has more to do with her commitment to the man than she will realize until after his birth.

When King James dies, Catherine's estranged brother returns to bring Catherine home to reign, in so doing, he fights Alexander and Alexander is badly wounded. Suddenly Catherine's vision clears and she realizes that it is up to her alone to settle the dispute between the two kingdoms. How she manages that is not only noble, but dangerous, to her own life. You will be surprised by the outcome.

Strong life-like characters, vivid setting descriptions and an unlikely romance make "Bride of the Overlord" an entertaining read.

Review Three

"Bride of the Overlord is a very passionate novel." (Leann "Buzzy" Arndt)

Reviewer: Leann "Buzzy" Arndt

Reviewed in: Buzzy's Reviews on

Alexander, the Terror of the Isles is asked by King Edward to kidnap and wed the Scottish princess and heir to the throne, Princess Catherine. He agrees on the assumption that, if rumors true and Catharine homely, he can then send her off to while away her days. Princess Catherine is far from homely and quite prepared to take on the duties of the Crown of Scotland. The meeting of the two will effect the future outcome of the war.

The historic material here is dead-on and some of it made me quite angry.... I couldn't have stopped reading... the passion was that gripping.

Alexander and Catherine both demonstrate the strength inherent in rulers. My blood pressure was raised. Bride of the Overlord set me on fire both body and soul.

Rare Passion by Jo Barrett

Reviewer: Sharon

Reviewed in: Romance Reader on the Run

Reviewed on: May 2001

Rating: * * * * 1/2 4.5 Stars

Bailey Price is an expert on antique books and book preservation. She returns to her hometown on the death of her friend and mentor, Miss Elliot. Throughout Bailey's life, Miss Elliot had always been a friend and confidant. Bailey's love of books was nurtured by Miss Elliot, giving her the foundation for her career.

Bailey is at loose ends, she is divorced and has no one special in her life. All that is about to change when she visits Miss Elliot's home. That is when she is swept off her feet, literally, by Grant Blackburn. He mistakes her for a thief and attacks her. Bailey doesn't know it then but, she has just met the love of her life.

Grant is the attorney handling Miss Elliot's estate. He hires Bailey's Aunt Mae to appraise the antiques that Miss Elliot collected throughout her life and the Elliot family heirlooms. What Grant doesn't know is that Bailey works for her aunt Mae! Bailey's job is to inventory and appraise Miss Elliot's extensive library. The Elliot estate must be settled within six weeks, so Aunt Mae and Bailey have their work cut out for them. The company that will inherit is anxious to sell the contents and tear the mansion down. Bailey is dreading the six weeks of working closely with Grant, knowing she is attracted to him but seeing no future for them. Immediately, Aunt Mae senses the chemistry between Grant and Bailey and can't resist playing matchmaker.

Ms. Barrett picks up the pace here and the story unfolds, sweeping the reader into it. Several attempts are made on Bailey's life, which is baffling to her. Why would someone try to harm her? This brings out Grant's protective instincts. The intrigue is believable and through the deft use of a red herring I was surprised when the real villain is revealed. However, the mystery is secondary to the romance.

The heroine is intelligent which is refreshing. I have read too many stories lately where the heroine is TDTL - Too Dumb To Live. The hero is smart, sexy and gorgeous. Grant is a cowboy-boot-wearing, Shakespeare reciting, hero to die for. The scenes between Grant and Bailey crackle with sexual chemistry. The author builds the sexual tension which creates a real sense of anticipation.

Fans of Suzanne Brockmann will love this hero - even though Grant is not a Navy SEAL! This is the first book I have read by this author and this fan can't wait for her next!

-- Sharon, Romance Reader on the Run

Honor in Time

Reviewer: Steve Weiner

Reviewed in: The New England View (print only)

Rating: Three and a half books: A very good read-- Run out and buy it!

"...A thoughtful treatment of the conflicts and results of the insertion of contemporary values into another tumultuous time in our history."

Louise Hart

Louise Hart was featured in in an article entitled "No Trees Were Harmed in the Publishing of Her Online Books," by Adam Groff. The article was published in her local paper, the Andover Townsman, on March 1, 2001. Ms. Hart is writing up a storm for us. We just released another of her delicious recipe booklets. You can now subscribe and automatically receive each new booklet as they are released each month.

Life Between the Earpieces

by Louis-Paul MeDoupe MD

Reviewer: Grabbermcgrew

Reviewed in: Sharpwriter Reviews

Reviewed on: September 2002

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Dr. MeDoupe confirms my suspicions of how much the healthcare industry has changed, for the worse, because of governmental intrusion.

Dr. MeDoupe writes incisively, compellingly and beautifully. Each little story touched my heart and made it sigh. The good doctor is aware that he is doctoring in an age where typically he has two totally different types with which to work. The older generation is more accepting of care, while understanding and accepting that the doctor administering it is human. The younger generation leans more towards the quick fix and instant cures, all the while expecting that the doctor is infallible.

Yes, there are some bad doctors out there. But most doctors are doing their absolute best to be certain you are receiving the best care possible.

I liken doctors and police. So many people are suing the police and doctors, when they are the ones that are using everything they have, whether it be brain or brawn (or both), to keep us safe and protected.

This happens to be one of my passions.... I just cannot abide people who bite the hand extending out to bring them to safety.

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