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POD program questions:

Can I submit my book for publication?

Of course you may. Please see our submission guidelines .

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Are there any fees to pay to submit my book for publication on the site?

At this time, there are no fees to submit your book for consideration. There are no fees for publication as an e-book. There is a one-time fee of $125 to submit your book for Print On Demand publication. You do not pay unless we publish your book. See the contract summaries for more information.

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How do authors get paid?

In the form of royalties. On e-books, printouts and disk sales, the author gets 70% of the profit from their book (that's 50% of the actual selling price minus returns, discounts, credit card fees.) Royalty payments will be made by check or PayPal payment (preferred) once a month provided we owe you more than $20 in that month.

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How much can I expect to earn with your company?

That's a good question, however not easy to answer. Remember, to earn a good profit you need to promote your book and let everyone know it is available from Sirius. Give them the address to our main page and invite them to visit. According to the E-Publishing FAQ at, an online fiction 'bestseller' is a book that has sold 500 copies. In addition, the resource states that many authors and publishers expect the book to take a few years to build to that level of sales. If you promote your book well and are patient, it can sell well. We hope you will see the value in having your book read by many people in an age when it is very difficult, expensive and time-consuming to publish conventionally or to self-publish. A resource with links for promoting your book can be found at the Association of Electronic Publishers site.

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What are first rights/electronic rights?

Sirius Publications asks for first rights and electronic rights on manuscripts we publish. Please see this resource for further information. Also see the Contract Summaries.

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Can you ensure that people do not send copies of my book to someone else?

At this time, there is no way for most web publishers (if not all) to guarantee this.  We rely on the good faith of our customers, and we make them aware of the rules and laws involved. As mentioned above, this is similar to conventional/bound books in that it is illegal to copy or resell them, and it is up to the publisher to make the reader aware of the law, up to the reader to obey the law, and up to government, author and publisher to defend the copyright. You are required to copyright your book (it costs about $35 and involves filling out a form). Or if you prefer, we can copyright it for you for a small processing fee. In either case, the copyright belongs to you as the author.

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Where can I find more detailed information about electronic publishing?

Try our links page and this great E-Publishing Guide and FAQ.

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Who is this Sirius person anyway?

Sirius is not a person. Rather, Sirius is the Dog Star, which is the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius is found on the constellation Alpha Canis Majoris. For more information about Sirius see The Sirius Myth. Sirius Publications aspires to be a bright star in the world of online publishing.

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Will you promote my book?

As a small press, we will do everything possible, within the limits of our advertising budget, to promote our authors and their works, as well as the site as a whole. Our success is your success and visa-versa. The single most effective form of marketing for an author is self-promotion. We have a special page devoted to the self-promotion for authors.

The majority of our promotion efforts are spent in publicizing the site as a whole. We utilize sites like to list our books to help gain exposure for them. We list Sirius Publications with link exchanges and banner exchanges, and search engines.
Please look at our pages about next steps and promotion to learn ways you can publicize your book.

To be successful, we must be partners in book promotion. That's the only way the books will sell.

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How many copies should I realistically expect to sell?

The typical lawyers answer is, "that depends." We have no idea of your ability to help publicize your "product" or what efforts you will actually contribute to the work that is required to promote your book. Any publisher that would give you an estimate without knowing this is highly suspect!
We would not accept your book if we did not believe that both you and we would profit from the effort. However, we cannot provide you or any other author any guarantees.

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Do you print your own books or do you sub-contract the printing?

Currently we work with an established printer. It's more efficient to have them print it, and then ship it directly to the customers and booksellers. The customer receives the books faster, and the author and publisher save on shipping expenses.

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If I order copies of my own book, how much will I pay for them (hardcover and paperback) and do I receive royalties for those sales as well? Does your contract allow for any books to be provided to the author at no additional charge?

We provide the author with books at 35% off retail price. The author does not get a royalty on books purchased by the author. The author can then mark up the cost of the books as much as he or she would like to, or even give them away. The author receives one free copy of the book.

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Will the electronic version be priced the same as the printed version? If so, does that mean that my royalty will be higher on those sales because there is no expense to deduct?

Your electronic version will be priced less, most likely between 4 and 12 dollars. There is no printing fee associated with the e-book. Your royalty will be as stated in the contract. Typically it is higher. However, there is the expense of accepting credit card charges.

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Do you accept every book submitted? Do you post books as is, or do you edit them?

We do NOT accept every book submitted to us. On average, we accept about 20% of all submissions.

Do you edit every manuscript?

Yes. We edit each accepted manuscript. However, we expect each author to perform a thorough self-edit, including spell-checking and grammar-checking to the best of their ability prior to submitting their manuscript for our consideration. Note the information about this on our guidelines page. If we are interested, necessary changes will be suggested to the author. After the author's changes and our editing is completed, the manuscript is returned to the author for a final proofing. Major changes will usually not be made; if we recommend them, you will be consulted.

Good editing will help insure that the reader will return, asking to see more of your work. Make sure that your material is as polished and refined as possible prior to submitting it to any reputable publisher.

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What types of books do you publish?

We publish all types of books. Especially interested in: Nonfiction, especially how to, writer's reference books, and self-help; Fiction, especially romance. We also accept: Poetry Books (20 or more poems), Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror, Cookbooks.
Formats accepted: short story, novella, novellette (will be priced lower than books), novel, poetry collections, books. See our Call for Submissions for more information.

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What won't you publish?

We will not publish pornographic or religious material. If you submit material that fits those categories, it will be discarded and you will not receive a reply. We will not publish material that does not meet our standards. We reserve the right to reject manuscripts that we feel are not suitable for us. Currently, we will not accept books for young children, since our customers need a credit card to purchase our books.

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How can writers improve their chances of being published by Sirius Publications?

Read, read, read! The single most important thing any writer can do to improve their skills and produce a well-written, interesting story with fascinating characters and a page-turning plot is to read the works of other writers on a continual basis. Read the same types of books that you are interested in writing. The idea is not to copy another writer's style or story lines, but to get a feel for how a good story is paced; how to write dialogue, etc.

If you're interested in writing manuscripts that will attract the attention of the editors, the best thing you can do to get a feel for what we like is to read our books. Also, don't forget to read our guidelines thoroughly before submitting.

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I am a self-published author with rights to my book. Can you help me gain online exposure?

We'd like to help you sell more copies through our Orion Program, which is designed to provide listings and utilize's excellent program for authors and independent publishers.

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POD program questions

What is a Print on Demand book (POD)?

With our POD program, we print your book only when an order is submitted. When a book is ordered, the printing company will print and ship a copy within 48 hours of receiving the order (this is guaranteed by them.) More on our POD program is found here.

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Why should I consider your POD program instead of a vanity publisher?

The major benefit of this program is that you don't have to come up with thousands of dollars to print books, find a place to store them (your basement?), then hope they sell.

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How do POD books compare with traditional print books?

These books will be paperbacks perfect bound with a hot glue process. This creates a book comparable to high quality trade paperbacks found in bookstores. You can sign up for e-book and POD publishing by signing one dual contract.

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Why does it cost $125 to print via the POD program? What do I get in return?

The printers charge $100 to set up the book in Adobe Reader format. Although the Reader is free to anyone, the program to format text for the Reader is extremely expensive. It also takes time and effort on their part. The printer charges a monthly fee for handling distribution for each title. In addition, Sirius Publications performs extensive editing and formatting prior to submitting the manuscript to the printer.

Remember, you earn higher royalties for up to a year, allowing you an opportunity to earn back your monetary investment.

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Who is responsible for acquiring and paying for the ISBN, Library of Congress number, Books in Print listing, etc.?

We are, however the copyright is paid by the author and held in his or her name. Information on obtaining copyrights is found on our Next Steps page.

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