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Writing World

One of the most well-organized and comprehensive sites out there with advice and tips for writers from published, professional authors, editors and publishers.


Very informative online writer's magazine with a huge section specifically on electronic publishing. Although it is on hiatus (no updates since March 2001), the info is still there. Most will soon move to (see above link.) Writers' Exchange

A very helpful, interesting and well-organized site, includes loads of information on writing-related jobs, markets, contests, sites etc.

Absolute Write

Great resource for writers of all genres and forms contains articles, reviews, interviews, and more.

BookZone Pro Publishing Resources

A commercial site with information on subjects such as copyrights and associations

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.

A professional association for writers of sci-fi and fantasy. Excellent articles for all writers and for SF&F writers specifically.

Preditors and Editors

Guide to publishers and writing services, includes details on scams, including updates on who to watch out for.


Resource for authors, editors, agents. Authors can post their book or sample chapters to facilitate getting an agent or publisher.

Should You Submit your Book to an E-Publisher

Promoting your Books

Guide on how to promote your novels from Sirius Publications includes links.

Metacrawler Search Engine

Perform your search in multiple engines, all at one time. Use this engine to find e-publishers, writers' sites, etc.

Sirius Publications Editing Services

E-Publishing FAQ

Another comprehensive guide, this time in the familiar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) format.

Articles about Publishing

Includes info on online resources, traditional and vanity publishing, e-publishing, and pay-per-click sites.

Writers Digest

Excellent resource for writers. Magazine with articles that are both informative and entertaining. Check out their links to the 101 best sites for authors. Publishing Guide

Online Guide to Manuscript Formatting

Writing World provides an outline that details how to format your manuscript when submitting it to a publisher.

Becoming your Own Editor

Misc. Writing Site

Home page for the popular newsgroup offers a number of excellent resources, including a comprehensive FAQ that answers most of a new writer's "getting started" questions.

Writers Write

Links, critique groups, a writing university, contests, job listings, book promotion services, classifieds, a guidelines directory, and The Internet Writing Journal.

Getting Published FAQ

Sirius Publications publisher answers common questions authors ask about getting published, writes, etc. Includes step by step guide on how to get published.

How to Start a Novel

Writing Fiction

Great advice from C. Kilian is well-organized and detailed.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Practical article from the SFWA.

Writing for Publication

An essay giving advice to aspiring authors.

Writers' Book Shop

Sirius Publications/Sirius Recommends in association with presents a book shop for writers, including reviews of reference books, market listings, and books that give writers advice.

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