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Featuring: The Big Names, Fantasy/Scifi, Gothic/Horror, Young Adult Fiction

The Big Names (bestsellers)- and well-deserved!

Worship Adams at!Douglas Adams

King's Books at Amazon.comStephen King WebRing

Piers Books at Amazon.comPiers Anthony- Official and Unofficial (Fan Club) Sites

Pike books at Amazon.comChristopher Pike / The Midnight Club


The Beagle BooksPeter S. Beagle (The Last Unicorn)

A Wrinkle in Amazon.comMadeleine L'Engle WWW Resource- Bonastra

Something Amazon This Way ComesRay Bradbury Links RisingPam Conrad


Quota the Raven,!Edgar Allen Poe Museum

The Bad Place: Amazon.comDean Koontz- The Bad Place

Strange Books by PatPatricia Geary (Author of Strange Toys)

Queen of Amazon.comPat Cadigan: The Queen of Cyberpunk

Gorey Books at Amazon.comEdward Gorey, Master of the Macabre BellairsSirius Recommends John Bellairs is risingSusan Cooper (The Dark Is Rising)

BookalystAlan Dean Foster's Universe

Arabel's BooksJane Gaskell (Arabell's Raven)

The Books and the GoblinGeorge Macdonald: The Golden Key (Author of Fairy Tales for any age: At the back of the North Wind, the Princess and the Goblin)

Through the Booking-glassLewis Carroll in Wonderland

Young Adult Fiction

Dicey's Amazon.comCynthia Voigt

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