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The Valley Gourmet: Adventures in Food A-Z by Louise Hart

Apple Mania

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The Valley Gourmet discusses the historical, medicinal, cultural and nutritional values of each food highlighted and presents original recipes for the serving of the food or combination of foods. There will be approximately 25 mini-cookbooks in the series, to be released one every two to three weeks.

Apple Mania, the first of the mini-cookbooks, focuses on the fruit that has been legendary since the Garden of Eden. Apples make up almost half of all fruit tree crops in the temperate climates. Over 6500 varieties are known. In this mini cookbook, former syndicated food columnist Louise Hart features these and more fun facts and tested recipes for the cooking enthusiast.

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Louise Hart wrote an extremely popular syndicated cooking column for 5 years that was read by over a quarter of a million people. The Valley Gourmet columns, featured the historical, cultural, medicinal and nutritional values of the food along with the recipes.

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