Sirius Publications (tm) Advertising Query Form

Sirius Publications tm Advertising Query Form

Thank you for your interest in our advertising program. Use this form to specify the advertising you have purchased. We will bill you through PayPal. This is NOT a secure form, so please do not send credit card information through this form.

All fields must be filled out. By submitting this form, you certify that you have read and agree to our terms. We will contact you to confirm your ad via email if you give us a valid email address and fill the form out completely.

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1. Full banner ad: max 12k, 468 x 60 pixels, displayed across the top of a page or bottom of a page or pages. Not allowed on the main page.
Top of page- $20/month/page
Bottom of page- $10 per month/page.
Top of the books page $35 month/page (higher exposure)
Bottom of Books page, $25/month/page

2. Text ad/link usually near the bottom of the page. Length of ad may be limited. $5/month/page. Type your text here:

3. Banner or Text ad/link in Sponsors section.
Banner: $20/month
Text:$5/month. Type your text ad here:

4. Rotating banner ad on our email pages- viewed by all our email users. $10 per ad per month.

The rates for the newsletter web version are the same as the rates listed above for regular pages.
Banner, Top of page- $20/month/page.
Banner, Bottom of page- $10 per month/page.
$5 per issue for a text ad (with one web page link and one email link), 20 words maximum. Type your text ad here:

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