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What is Sirius PublicationsTM?

Sirius Publications is a small independent publishing company. We currently help authors to publish their books online as e-books and as print on demand trade paperbacks. Just as in traditional publishing, authors are an advocate for their book's sales.

We are partners with our authors in producing and publishing their books. Thus, the author needs to be active in marketing and advertising their books. We provide reasonably priced products, services and programs that help authors get published

We do NOT accept every book submitted to us, and we do edit books. However, you should make sure your book is edited thoroughly before submitting it. There are no fees to publish an e-book provided it needs nothing done to it (that includes extensive editing or file conversion.) We are very selective; on average, we accept about 20% of all submissions. See our Call for Submissions for more details.

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Current Programs

Ebook Program

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Print on Demand Program (POD)

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