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Chris Wills

Author of: The Gaia Syndrome


Thank you for taking an interest in my book and my writing. This page should give you more insight into me as a person and as an author. I’d like to encourage you to contact me at the email address provided below with your comments about this page or about my book.

Author Biography

I am a self-employed private investigator with a background in law enforcement and military psychological warfare. The Gaia Syndrome is one of four science fiction novels that I have completed and the first to be published.


My Published Book

The Gaia Syndrome, published by Sirius Publications.


Five Words I Would Use to Describe Myself:

Unable to resist writing novels.


Advice to Aspiring Authors

Keep writing and sending, don't get discouraged.


Other Published books/articles:

The Catch, a sci-fi short story published by Planet Mag.

"It's not over til" a feature length screenplay in developement by Abiather Films.

Darkness of life, a short story published in the Feb 2001 issue of Short Story Mag.


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