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Rosita M.

Author of Kyle & Co.


Thank you for taking an interest in my book. This page should give you more insight into me as a person and as an author. I’d like to encourage you to contact me at the email address provided below with your comments about this page or about my book.

Author Biography

I studied in the US and Canada and have traveled extensively. I have ten years of writing experience. It took me 1 year to complete "Kyle and Co" and I am currently working on my second and third novella simultaneously. I have also written several children's stories. I also write for TV.

My other two novellas are a murder mystery and a horror story. I observe a lot and digest information people relate to me and then I build a fiction story around it.


My Published Book

Kyle and Co., published by Sirius Publications. Order it through their order form.


Five Words I Would Use to Describe Myself:

Good sense of humour, very creative, very intelligent, loving, and helpful.


Advice to Aspiring Authors

I struggled for many years to get my book published. It wasn't easy. Believe in yourself and work hard and you will succeed. Never let go of your dreams.


My Favorite Books/Authors

Favorite authors include Sidney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer, and Harold Robbins.


About My Writing

My stories are pure fiction. I have worked hard to achieve where I am now. I've been disappointed. I've been down and out. My true love is writing and one day I will be known as a famous author.


Favorite Quote:

"You dream and you ask why, I dream and I ask why not." - Albert Einstein



Playing with kids, watching movies


Favorite Movies

The Sixth Sense, Gone with the Wind, The Matrix

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