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Thank you for taking an interest in my book and my writing. This page should give you more insight into me as a person and as an author. Id like to encourage you to contact me at the email address provided below with your comments about this page or about my book.

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I was born and raised in up state New York. For a period in my adult life, I lived and worked in New York City before I moved to Wyoming. A veteran in the Viet Nam war, I'm familiar with hard times. Adjusting to the life style of the Rocky Mountains, though, was totally different. It is a peaceful life while also being a dangerous and harsh life. As rugged as the mountains can be, there is still no place on earth that can

compare. For the past several years, I have worked as a freelance reporter for several local newspapers and for a time worked for the largest Native American newspaper in the world, Indian Country Today. It is through my love of the mountains, the land, and the people of the west that the novel Paths, was created. My unique understanding of these things allows me to bring the Rocky Mountains to life in this novel.


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Paths, published by Sirius Publications.

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