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Patricia Fish

Author of:The Memoirs of Josephine Fish


Would you believe... a book written by a cat?

Why not? Cats are observant, creative and ingenious. Especially Josephine Fish, a calico cat with the best of feline intentions. When she learns to type, she finds herself embroiled in human politics that affect animals throughout the nation. She becomes involved with the animals in her backyard, the arrogant blue jays, busy chickadees, and infuriating squirrels. Will she succeed in finding a way to help the animals and birds, or will she get her humans arrested?

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My backyard is certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the national Wildlife Federation. I am certified as a Backyard Wildlife Steward, which means I completed a course by the NWF and am qualified to teach others about creating backyard wildlife habitats.

I have been published in many major birding magazines, including Birds and Blooms, Wildbird, and Birder's World. Exploring and sharing with others what I have learned about backyard wildlife is my passion.

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