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I hope this page gives you some insight into me as a businesswoman, poet, columnist and journalist.


I am a graduate of Boston University, the University of Massachusetts and Harvard. I completed the institute in economic and urban development at Tufts Univesity in Medford, Mass., and attended law school.

The Poet

I have been writing poetry since I was five years old. My first poems were published when I was 13. I was especially proud of Snow, included in Tales of a City Maid. I was named Poet Laureate of Greater Lawrence, the urban area in which I was born and raised.

The Businesswoman

I have been a business consultant for over 25 years. I grew up managing the largest wholesale, retail electrical appliance and contracting firm in the Northeast. Upon graduation, B.U. Placement's office gave me the highest recommendation ever for my record as a manager of a university facility. It had been the worst on campus until I took over at 17 years of age. I had 50 employees -- all older, most by at least 10 years. It became the model for B.U. and a number of other universities.

I also headed a computer company and was listed in Who's Who in the Computer Industry and Who's Who in U.S. Executives, as a result of emphasizing customer service and quality, establishing new limits for the technology and its life cycle -- and developing local sources. Where we led, others followed.

For the last two years, I have been advising that all brick and mortars get a presence on the Internet - especially if they need to increase their customer base. Similarly, I have advised that all Internet startups plan a brick and mortar presence (if only a home office).

I am not alone in my thinking. Gene Alvarez, a Meta Group analyst, indicated in the New York times this week that they have learned that "To survive in this business, you need to partner with a brick and mortar to survive." Print on Demand is how epublishers are achieving this.

To date, most advisories have been little more than e-maraketing primers as though marketing itself was sufficient to build and carry a business. We will note that is now advertising - on television and radio. How to Start an E-Business is more nuts and bolts and emphasizes business planning for no matter what anyone calls it, business is business.

Columnist and Cook

For five years, I was author of a syndicated cooking column that was read by over a quarter of a million people. The Valley Gourmet columns featured the historical, cultural, medicinal and nutritional values of the food along with the recipes. Adventures in Food A-Z continues in that tradition with new material. In the future, I may also compile my columns into a book.

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All are published by Sirius Publications.

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