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Robert Leyland


I was born in Whiston, England. I moved to America when I graduated high school, at the age of 16. Since then I has written poetry, screeplays, short stories, novellas, articles, and other writings. My family and life experiences have been my inspirations. I also try, with words, to paint an accurate picture of my daily oservations of the people and events around me.

Poetry is an art form that should be accesible to anyone and not just those who believe they are educated enough to contemplate and understand it. When I was in school, I had no time for trying to find hidden messages in poems. I just wanted to read it once and be able to understand it immediately. This is what I strive to accomplish.

Windows of the Mind is a set of twenty personal poems written when I was ages 16 through 25. These poems range broadly in content, offering a little something for everyone-- over the age of 18 (contains adult language and themes and is only sold to those over 18.) I hope everyone who reads these poems will come away thinking a little differently about themselves, about their lives, or about others and their lives.

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