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I have been an author for nearly my whole life-- over 23 years. I have always been an avid reader as well, and count Stephen King, Nancy Springer, and Diana Wynne Jones among my favorites; I also credit them among those authors that inspire me with their vivid, entertaining prose. I have written over one hundred poems of various styles, several of which have been published in national anthologies.

I have also been an editor for most of my life. Recently I established an online publishing company, Sirius Publications. For four years, I worked as an editorial and administrative assistant at a mid-sized university, where I edited a scholarly journal and wrote all manner of texts (mostly non-fiction.) I am a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I majored in English- Writing and minored in Psychology.

I have been an underappreciated author my whole life. I prefer the term underappreciated to aspiring. I have written over a hundred poems, several short stories and four completed novels.

I began writing the novel Fallen Angel while in high school, with the constant encouragement of my friends, who were reading it in a serial fashion.


My Published Books

Fallen Angel.

Illuminations (Poetry Collection.)


Five Words I Would Use to Describe Myself:

creative, silly, compassionate, friendly, independent.


Advice to Aspiring Authors

Keep trying and striving to produce your best writing. Don't get discouraged by what other people say, even if they say you are not talented-- after all, who decides who has talent and who doesn't?

I found it encouraging to read about how many rejections famous authors, including King, received before becoming a published author (hundreds!) People told him not to quit his day job. Keep that in mind if you need a boost.

My Favorite Books/Authors

All the following are favorites of mine (yes, I have a lot of favorites!) and are inspiring to me.


I Recommend These Writing-Related Sites:

Inkspot Writer's Resource

Writers' Market

More links to writing related sites.

Other Published books/articles:

My poetry was published in several anthologies, including the UIC Red Shoes Review and the National Library of Poetry anthologies. They received several honorable mentions.

I also worked as a features writer and columnist for the now defunct UIC Campus Chronicle, publishing several music and movie reviews as well as a popular humorous horoscope column.

My short story, The Runaway, can be read online.

Favorite Movies

I have too many favorite movies to list them all here. They include Sixth Sense, Neverending Story, and nearly anything directed/written/produced by Danny Elfman and Tim Burton (The Nightmare Before Xmas, Batman), Terry Gilliam (Brazil, Time Bandits), Stephen King (The Shining), the Coen Brothers (Fargo). See my movies page for more.

Favorite Music

Styles: alternative, pop, 80s music

Groups: They Might Be Giants, REM, NIN, Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman, Bare Naked Ladies, Squirrel Nut Zippers

Songs: Kryptonite by Three Doors Down


reading, writing, swimming, watching movies

Favorite Quote:

"Quoth the raven, Nevermore!"

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