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My love of reading and romance novels prompted me to write Rare Passion, which is my first book. My past experience lies mostly in short stories and poetry. I write for the sheer pleasure of it.

I have always enjoyed writing in one form or another, but not until March of 2000 had I ventured to write a novel. Now that I have, I am unable to stop. As of March 2001 I have written four novels and one short story. Rare Passion was my first work, which makes it my favorite. My love, or rather, obsession with the romance genre compels me to continue my writing and I hope my other works will be published in the near future for your enjoyment.

I not only write romance novels, but also read them voraciously. I average three a week and still can't get enough of them. Most of my writings since I graduated from college so many years ago have been of a technical nature. This is but one of the many reasons I enjoy letting my mind venture down a path far away from my chosen profession of Programmer Analyst. I believe a person must exercise all the aspects of the mind and heart and hope you enjoy my personal detours through my romantic imagination.

About My Book:

My recently turned teenage son took the photograph for the cover of Rare Passion. He is my pride, my joy, my nemesis, my greatest worry... you get the idea. However, he and his father, my own personal romantic hero, have been and continue to be supportive of me and my new found love of writing.

The rest of my family constitutes my biggest fans. Especially my grandmother. She not only is my biggest fan, she's my favorite critic and editor.

Five words I would use to describe myself:

Determined, Dedicated, Quiet, Reclusive, Private


Advice to Aspiring Authors


My Favorite Books/Authors

Dara Joy - her familiar series. Sci-fi romance.
Sandra Hill - all of her books. Extremely humorous.
Lynn Kurland - Stardust Yesterday. Ghost love story.
Elizabeth Bevarly - How to Trap a Tycoon. Funny.
Sandra Brown, Debra Dier, Eugenia Riley, Evelyn Rogers, Robin Wells, Sheridan.
Smythe(a team), Dani Sinclair, Linda Jones, Donna Fletcher
the list is endless., Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Lynn Kurland, Dani Sinclair...another endless list.


My Favorite Quotes

One looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged cupid painted blind. W. Shakespeare

For aught that ever I could read, could ever hear by tale or history, the course of true love never did run smooth. W. Shakespeare

Love makes fools of us all. unknown

One must look into my eyes for what I deem beautiful. (my husband)


I Recommend These Writing-Related Sites:


Favorite Movies

Pure Country, Pride and Prejudice - my most favorite. Star Wars Saga, Sabrina (old and new), French Kiss, Green Card, Pretty Woman and almost every other romantic comedy ever made. I also have a tender spot in my heart for the classics with Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Gary Cooper, another endless list.

Favorite Music

Country - specifically George Strait

Top 40 - Edwin Mcain, Dave Mathews

Jazz/R&B - Aretha (need I say more)

old stuff - Ruth Brown, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday

Mozart, Bach, etc.

The only music I don't care for is grunge rock and rap.



Obviously I love writing and reading, but I also enjoy cross-stitch, painting, and driving with the top down. And once upon a great while I will actually play my guitar. Rather poorly, I might add, but I enjoy it.

Favorite Quote:

"If a person manages to retain the spirit of enthusiasm and adventure, he will always stay young."


Thank you for taking an interest in my book and my writing. I’d love to hear from both readers and writers, and encourage you to contact me at the email address provided below.

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